Actors Instrument

Acting is an intense emotional, physical and soulful journey. In this acting class we address the actor holistically. Helping actors become instrumentally ready for this journey is the focus of this one of a kind acting class.

With Cindy’s safe guidance, the actor is supported into new uncharted emotional, physical and mind places within. She helps the actor learn to integrate the mind/body so that images, energies, impulses, sounds and movement are rooted and embodied.

Life and Acting parallel one another. If in your life you are having trouble listening to your truth, being in the moment, staying out of your head, connecting to your emotions, staying grounded; you will have trouble acting in film and theater.

In this class we address the actor holistically. We deal with the life issues (which are at the root) that get in the way of the acting, and give you a strategy and a philosophy for the work and life of the actor. We provide a plan for what you can do on a day to day basis toward growth as an actor and how to live your life as an artist.

Using a successful approach to in-depth personal work and exploration of the imagination we liberate blocked and repressed energy in the body. The personal realm acts as a portal into the universal realm where true connection to all human beings lies. This class releases a vital, alive, and compelling instrument – the actor in you!

This class is essential for any actor at any level. If you are a beginner, this class will give you a strong foundation for all your other work and training. If you have a great deal of training, you may not have had this particular kind of training. It is unique and one of a kind. It may be the answer to the root of your issue, the missing piece.

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