Cindy’s Approach

At Cindy Tanas Actors Studio I provide an approach for actors that includes both art and life. A quote from Anton Chekhov: “If you want to work on your art, work on your life” sums up my philosophy. I address the root of the creative blocks which are not only seen on stage and film but also in the life of the actor.

I understand the actor/artist as a unique human being and therefore strive to help the acting student see and bring out their own individual process. I create a space for the actor that is inspiring and supportive, dedicated to empowering the actor with the necessary tools to work in the world of film and on the ‘stage of life’.

I do this using a personal and holistic approach where the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic make-up of the actor integrate; where the individual ego of the acting teacher and student fall away to reveal something much greater, much deeper, more timeless and more truthful.

My aim is to see actors in their uniqueness as artists, give actors permission to express their free or wounded souls, help actors unlock the doors to their creative truth, and find the sacred places where the magic lies undisturbed.