Scene Study

In this scene study class, Cindy teaches you the ‘How To’ with a hands-on personalized teaching approach that nurtures and supports your individual process. Cindy takes no more than six to eight students in a 3/3.5 hour class. Each student is given no less than 45 minutes to one hour of attention to their work each class.

With acting teacher Cindy Tanas in the lead we explore the character in every way. We do in depth script analysis. We improvise and work the scenes fully and completely. Truth is our motto. Passion is our connection. Love for the work is our path.

Scene Study is a deep sea dive into the human collective heart. The character sets the actor free! We let go of our personal judgement and ego and learn to empathize and walk the path of another human being with compassion. We explore deeply within our-selves for the authenticity and humanity required to breathe life into character.

How we approach the work is everything! We make it about the acting work and not the individual performance. We look for the truth inside ourselves. Every character you channel demands you to reveal something about yourself, to expose something very human, very real.

To create the humanity necessary for the acting role, you abandon resistance to your personal truth which creates a portal into universal truth. This always leads to something rich and hidden inside yourself; something you can then use to give your character life.

The environment of this acting class is intense, passionate and committed to the work. Cindy welcomes an intimate group of only six to eight actors and her assistant. This affords her to give you lots of attention and support.

The material and character are specifically chosen for each individual student by Cindy personally.

*Check out the Schedule and Fees page for upcoming classes or email Cindy Tanas at to register.