Audition Tips for Television, Film and Theatre and Resources for finding Auditions.

  1. Be Professional. Show up early. Never be late for an audition. Treat everyone with respect. Never complain. They are doing their best to accommodate you.
  1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Do your research. If it is a commercial audition know the product. If it is a TV audition know the style of the TV show. If it is a film audition ask your agent for the entire film script so you can read it and prepare. If it is a Theatre Audition know the Play and the Playwright really well. Also research the Theatre Company and what kind of plays they have produced in the past.
  1. Put yourself on the line: Allow yourself to be vulnerable. This will bring humanity to your role and it will open the hearts of the people auditioning you.
  1. Be flexible and take direction. If they want to see you to it another way that’s good news. They are interested in spending time with you. It doesn’t mean the way you did it was wrong. They just want to see what you can do and if you can take direction.
  1. Don’t take anything personally. Take responsibility for yourself. Be open and willing. And you will be better received.  The people auditioning you have a lot of people to see. They may be tired or running behind and they may not even look at you when you enter the room. Instead they may be looking at the monitor and jotting things down on paper. This is normal. It’s not about you.
  1. Keep a sense of Equality in the room. Never apologize or give your power away or look for approval or think you are somehow inferior. The casting directors and directors want to collaborate with you. They need you on a level playing field. They don’t want to have to look after you in any way.
  1. Hold the sides if you are not feeling confident in your memorization of the lines. Keep things simple. Don’t bring all kinds of props or activities to do. Know where to look.
  1. Make the room your own. Enter with presence. Allow your energy field to be open rather than entering with tunnel vision. Keep your 5 senses alive and see and hear and be aware of all that is around you.
  1. Take an audition technique class. The Toronto Association of Acting Studios (TAAS) has a  list of reputable studios for actor training. Sears and Switzer offer great practical classes in audition technique.
  1. You’ve got nothing to lose. You started in the hallway. If you don’t get the job you will be back in the hallway. And you will get another audition and another and another. There will always be auditions.
  1. Resources for finding auditions:
    1. Casting Workbook. This is the ‘go to’ website for agents and casting directors.
    2. Theatre Ontario. Members receive audition notices via
    3. is a great resource for student films and independent
    4. Now Magazine has audition notices. Just be sure to check them out first and make sure it’s legitimate.
    5. LIFT is a great place to network and connect with
    6. ACTRA: For auditions check out this link… and for those of you just getting started in the industry check out this link:
    7. Equity is the union for theatre professionals: