Do you feel you have talent but you can’t quite seem to take it to its full potential?  
Have you spent time stimulating the unconscious urges in yourself? Those urges show up in the form of organic impulses in the body. They do not come from “Will”… which is more connected with your head.

Generally it’s the head in the actor that gets in the way of Organic Acting. I call this Mind Interference. The head is really the Ego. It has a lot of shoulds and shouldn’ts and it talks to you constantly all day long. It usually either criticizes you or praises you depending on what it wants from you. And it is not aligned with your Creativity which lives in your Unconscious, in the lower energy centres in your body.

How does an actor learn to listen to the Unconscious? By going deep within and making space for what is there. Unfortunately with the values of our culture being about “doing” and “producing”, we seldom take the time to just “be” and listen to our bodies. So how do you do it?

By dropping into your lower body beneath your waist. Listening there. Breathing there. Being curious about the impulses that begin to move in you as you stay in your pelvis. They might be subtle at first. Be patient. Try not to judge the images and memories and urges. Just listen to them and be with them. If you do this enough, when it comes time to “Act” you just might be able to set them free!

Never giving up is the only way to manifest your dream. Listen to your heart and soul…

With love,
Cindy Tanas

Cindy is Chair of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios (TAAS) and a member of ACTRA and Theatre Ontario