Private Coaching

Private coaching at Cindy Tanas Actors Studio enable you to receive one-on-one personalized guidance in a comfortable environment tailored to your specific needs as an actor. The attention and focus of these sessions is ‘you’.

These one of a kind acting classes provide you with the opportunity to work exclusively in the personal realm (working with emotional blocks and repressed energy or confronting personal obstacles related to the acting work). Cindy helps you set your creativity free.

Using various proven modalities (see below) we bridge the gap between your authentic self and your inherent need for creative expression.

These acting classes are coached by Cindy Tanas personally!

Cindy is trained in Bio-energetics, Accessing Archetypes, Movement, Relaxation and Focusing Techniques, as well as various Energetic and Emotional Modalities for getting to the root of any creative or emotional block or resistance. She uses these modalities to facilitate the creative process.

These sessions are on-going and package rates are available.

*Check out the Schedule and Fees page for upcoming classes or email Cindy Tanas at to register.