Reading Room

Acting Craft:

  • The Way of the Actor
    Brian Bates
  • Creating a Character
    Moni Yakim
  • The Actor with a Thousand Faces
    Mark Olsen
  • Acting and Singing with Archetypes
    Janet B. Rodgers and Frankie Armstrong
  • Dreamwork for Actors
    Janet Sonenberg
  • No Acting Please
    Eric Morris
  • Irreverent Acting
    Eric Morris
  • Acting, Imaging and the Unconscious
    Eric Morris
  • On the Technique of Acting
    Michael Chekhov
  • To the Actor
    Michael Chekhov
  • A Dream of Passion; The Development of the Method
    Lee Strasberg
  • Strasberg at the Actors Studio Edited
    Robert H. Hethon
  • The Stanislavsky System
    Sonia Moore
  • An Actor Prepares
    Constantin Stanislavsky
  • Building a Character
    Constantin Stanislavsky
  • My Life in Art
    Constantin Stanislvasky
  • Respect for Acting
    Uta Hagen
  • Challenge for the Actor
    Uta Hagen
  • The Art of Acting
    Stella Adler
  • On Acting
    Sanford Meisner
  • The Intent to Live
    Larry Moss
  • The Moving Body
    Jacques Lecoq
  • Commedia Dell’Arte
    John Rudlin
  • Year of the King
    Anthony Sher
  • Toward a Poor Theatre
    Jerzy Grotowski
  • The Empty Space
    Peter Brooke
  • Theatre and Beyond
    Tom Salinsky and Deborah Francis
  • The Actor at Work
    Robert L. Benedetti
  • Being an Actor
    Simon Callow
  • The Power of the Actor
    Ivana Chubbuck
  • Acting: The First Six Lessons by
    Richard Boleslavsky
  • A Practical Handbook for the Actor
    Melissa Bruder
  • Actors Art and Craft
    Rona Laurie
  • How to stop Acting
    Harold Glusken
  • Acting Skills for Life
    Ron Cameron
  • Acting in Film
    Michael Caine
  • Film and Television Acting
    Ian Bernard
  • Acting for Film
    Mel Churcher
  • Audition
    Michael Shurtleff
  • Kazan on Directing
    Elia Kazan
  • On Directing
    Harold Clurman
  • Olivier on Acting
    Lawrence Olivier
  • The Audition Book
    Ed Hooks
  • Secrets of Acting Shakespeare
    Patrick Tucker
  • Secrets of Screen Acting
    Patrick Tucker
  • Directing Actors
    Judith Weston

On Theatre / History / Biographies / Creativity:

  • The Mystic in the Theatre
    Elenora Duse
  • Letters to a Young Poet
    Maria Rilke
  • The Art Spirit
    Robert Henri
  • The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes and Heroines; 16 Master Archetypes
    Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever, Sue Viders
  • The Art of the Actor: The Essential History of Acting from Classical Times to the Present Day
    Jean Benedetti
  • A Method to their Madness; The History of the Actors Studio
    Foster Hirsch
  • Actors on Acting
    Cole and Chinoy
  • The Oxford Companion to the Canadian Theatre
    Eugene Benson and L.W. Connolly
  • Fifty Seasons at Stratford
    Robert Cushman
  • Biography of Shakespeare
    Stephen Greenblatt
  • The Theatre: A Concise History
    Phyllis Hartnall
  • Up the Mainstream
    Denis Johnston
  • The Golden Buddha Changing Masks (Essays on the Spiritual Dimension of Acting)
    Mark Olsen
  • The Artist’s Way
    Julia Cameron
  • The Courage to Create
    Rollo May

Comedy & Improvisation:

  • Improvisation for the Theatre
    Viola Spolin
  • The Improv Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Improvising in Comedy, Theatre, and Beyond
    Tom Salinsky and Deborah Frances-White
  • Musical Improv Comedy: Creating Songs in the Moment
    Jason Alexander and Michael Pollock
  • Improvisation for Storytellers
    Keith Johnstone
  • Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out
    Mick Napier
  • Something Wonderful Right Away
    Jeffrey Sweet
  • Dying is Easy; Comedy is Hard
    Donald Wolfit


    Actor Speaks: Voice and the Performer
    Patsy Rodenburg
  • Voice and the Actor
    Cicely Berry
  • Freeing the Natural Voice
    Kristin Linklater
  • Shakespeare’s Voice
    Kristin Linklater


  • The Agents Book
    Theatre Ontario
  • The Business of Being a Playwright in Canada
    Playwrights Union of Canada
  • The Organizer Industry Guide
    Theatre Books
  • Word of Mouth
    Susan Blue and Molly Ann Mullin
  • There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is
    Elaine Clark
  • You Got the Part
    Marsha Chesley
  • An Actor’s Guide to Getting Work
    Simon Dunmore
  • Getting Started in Theatre
    Lehman Engel
  • Glam Scam: Successfully Avoiding the Casting Couch and Other Talent and Modeling Scams
    Erick Joseph
  • Left Brain Finance for Creative People: A Money Guide for the Creatively Inclined
    Paula Ann Monroe
  • The Actor’s Survival Kit
    Miriam Newhouse and Peter Messaline
  • So You Want To Be An Actor
    Adrian Rendle
  • The Stage Mom Survival Guide
    Robyne Ropell-Baruchel

Monologue and Scene Books:

  • Canadian Monologues for Actors
    Playwrights Canada
  • The Scenebook for Actors edited
    Norman A. Bert
  • Scenes for Young Actors edited
    Lorraine Cohen
  • The Perfect Monologue
    Ginger Howard Friedman
  • Callback
    Ginger Howard Friedman