Cindy's Approach

Cindy provides an approach for actors that includes both art and life.

A quote from Anton Chekhov: “If you want to work on your art, work on your life”  sums up Cindy’s philosophy. She address the root of the creative blocks which are not only seen on stage and in film, but also in the life of the actor.

Cindy's Bio

Acting Teacher/Mentor/Director Cindy Tanas is a member of ACTRA, recent Chair and current member of TAAS (Toronto Association of Acting Studios) and member of Theatre Ontario. Cindy began teaching in Toronto and Los Angeles. She has run a highly reputable and successful Toronto acting school for over 20 years.

What Her Students Say

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Actors Instrument

Acting is an intense emotional, physical and soulful journey. In this acting class we address the actor holistically. Helping actors become “instrumentally” ready for this journey is the focus of this one of a kind acting class. We deal with the life issues (which are at the root) that get in the way of the acting, and give you a strategy and a philosophy for the work and life of the actor.

Scene Study

Cindy teaches you the “How To” with a hands-on personalized teaching approach that nurtures and supports your individual process. This acting class is a deep sea dive into the human collective heart. The character sets the actor free! We let go of our personal judgement and ego and learn to empathize and walk the path of another human being with compassion.

Private Coaching

One-on-one personalized guidance in a comfortable environment tailored to your specifics needs as an actor. The attention and focus of these sessions is ‘you’. This provides you with an opportunity to work exclusively in the personal realm bridging the gap between your authentic self and your inherent need for creative expression. You confront and release blocks and set your creativity free.

Performance Showcase

Consists of Play Scene Study, Monologue, and Scene Showcase where we proudly showcase our student’s talent before a live studio audience. Acting Teacher/Director Cindy Tanas guides you in honing your acting skills beyond the acting class. A rich and rewarding experience ensues as you delve deeply into the world of theatrical storytelling.

Preparing for your acting role Read the script for your immediate connection to it. Take a few deep breaths and drop down into your body. Open yourself to your life experience and imagination. Then read the script slowly. Notice your immediate response to what you are reading. What captures your imagination? Where do you make the strongest connections to the role? Get a sense of the entire story as a …

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Inspirational Messages

The Studio

Toronto acting teacher Cindy Tanas teaches acting for film and theatre in her adult acting classes. Acting classes are for beginners as well as experienced acting students. Cindy is considered a reputable acting teacher among her peers, and her studio is considered to co-exist among the best acting classes in Toronto.

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