Cindy’s Bio

Teacher/Director/Mentor Cindy Tanas is a member of ACTRA, recent Chair and member of TAAS (Toronto Association of Acting Studios) and member of Theatre Ontario. Cindy began teaching acting in Toronto and Los Angeles. She has run a highly reputable and successful Toronto acting school for over 20 years.

Cindy has performed as an actor and has studied with several eminent acting teachers including Eric Morris in L.A. (taught Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson), Michael Shurtleff and Uta Hagen (taught Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Debbie Allen).

Her studies expanded into Bioenergetics (grounding, releasing blocked emotions and energy) where she studied and embodied her studies for two years with the Southern Ontario Society of Bioenergetics and three years with the Integral Healing Group in Toronto. She incorporates bioenergetics when working with the actor’s instrument.

Cindy has experienced and studied Somatic Experiencing through Peter Levine’s Institute. This practice helps the actor learn to relax their nervous system so the actor can open to emotions and energies that want to move through the body while acting.

Cindy has worked experientially, studying Archetypes using Voice Dialogue and Internal Family Systems (used to teach character development and help access creativity) in Toronto and Los Angeles, attaining Certification in Toronto. She implements these practices to help the actor bring more of ‘them-selves’ personally and universally to their character roles.

Cindy also studied Meditation and Mindfulness and has developed breathing, relaxation and focusing techniques for the actor. Having taught and performed as a dancer in her younger years, she has developed extensive creative movement and body awareness techniques that she incorporates into her teaching.

Her training and experience give her an in-depth understanding of the psychology and nature of ‘character’ and the human being in the actor.

Cindy has worked for 20 years teaching in the classroom as well as working privately with individuals to help deal with creative blocks, access physical impulses, emotional and vocal expression, and learn about character and human behaviour as it applies to both their instrument and scene work. Along with actors, she also works with singers, musicians, dancers or any layman who wants to open up to their own unique creativity.

In addition to teaching, Cindy directs her students in showcases before a live studio audience.

Several of Cindy’s students have moved on to have professional acting careers in Toronto, Vancouver, New York and L.A. Eric Morris often refers students wanting to train in Toronto to Cindy Tanas.