Passion is the soul’s language. All that aches. All that yearns and longs for. All that is deep and filled with the unresolved. This is the passionate Soul.

To touch this place of soul is to feel the ache, the pain, the longing. To surrender to the internal world of the feeling body.

To express soul through passion is to open and become a vessel for the movement of its energy. To release that energy through the voice and body. To reach out. To reach out and die. To reach out and be saved.

To realize passion is to recognize intense desire, suffering and pain. It is to risk sacrificing oneself for the actors work.

To realize soul is to recognize grace and beauty. To see it, smell it, taste it, touch it. In one’s body and in the atmosphere around one’s body.

When the actor touches and expresses passion through soul the audience touches soul in return. It is contagious. To touch soul with your audience is to connect in a universal way.

Cindy Tanas

Cindy is Chair of the Toronto Association of Acting Studios (TAAS) and a member of ACTRA and Theatre Ontario